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Zippers Collection

We are leader provider in standard zippers and we also specializing in hard-to-find zippers. We have the ability to source or develop virtually type of zipper, in a wide variety of colors. All zippers are made to your exact requirements. We have no minimum order. You may order just one zipper or hundreds of zippers, all custom made. We can produce zippers for sleeping bags, campers, leather jackets, raincoats, boots, heavy winter coats, boat top cover etc.

If you want to find the right pull for your zipper in a competitive prices, we can provide you with the biggest range of pulls that are available in today’s market, from fashionable pulls to traditional ones,, from the most beautiful, unique, and fancy! We can also design the one you want that will best fit your brand, from full artwork, to engraved metal.

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You have an idea? We can help you

Meet with our inhouse designers to creat your own Custom Made Silver or Stainless Steel Zippers Pull to make your brand shine.

Also available with Swarovski Stones settings! 

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